Yummy 2.7.6

Pull to refresh! And bug fixes! A new release of Yummy, heading to the App Store very soon.

Pull to refreshYes, just a couple of weeks after the last one, here is a new version of Yummy on its way to the App Store. Three changes:

  • Pull to refresh
  • Fix crash when there are bookmarks with empty tags
  • Fix crash when sharing a bookmark with no notes or a non-standard URL

Neither of the fixes affect very many users but I apologise if you were one of them.

As a thank you for your patience I have added “pull to refresh” in the “By date” view. This has been on my TODO for quite some time (and took more work than you might imagine under the hood!) but I think is a great new option.

You might ask: why add to the date view but not the “By tag” view? In short, I don’t think it makes sense. Pull to refresh works best when the list of items is ordered chronologically, such as a list of tweets or emails. Tags are ordered alphabetically so you don’t pull down at the top to get more items.

I could be persuaded that “consistency” trumps “chronology.” Let me know if you disagree.

Either way, I hope you like it.