Yummy 2.7.5

The latest update to Yummy has a small new feature and a few bug fixes.

Update: Yummy 2.7.5 was approved on May 8, 2013.

I just submitted another minor update for Yummy to Apple for review. Apple are taking about a week to approve new releases.

This version has the following changes:

  • Fixes duplicate tag issue (more accurately, tags with spaces at the end). You’ll need to log out and back in again if this affects you 
  • Remove post-to-Twitter functionality for iOS 4.x users
  • Use 1Password to get and passwords
  • Open URLs in 1Password
  • Only show Instapaper and Pocket icons if username has been added in Settings
  • Other bug fixes

Regarding the second point — the removal of Yummy’s custom post-to-Twitter functionality — this has been brought about because of changes in the Twitter API. If you are still using iOS 4 I would encourage you to upgrade. As far as I know there are no devices that can run Yummy that do not support iOS5.

The 1Password functionality isn’t quite as integrated as we all might like. Unfortunately this is due to limitations in iOS. Just as I can’t add a “Save to Yummy” button in Safari, I can’t add a “Get 1Password” button. Nevertheless, I think this is still useful in this form.

This update has been a long time coming but it’s very much worth having. Hope you like it.