CameraGPS 1.1.1

Improved reliability and a new feature can be found in the latest release of CameraGPS.

I’ve seen a few reports of CameraGPS randomly stopping recording trails. This is both disappointing and confounding. Disappointing because, obviously, this is the whole point of the app. And confounding as I┬áhave never seen it happen myself, despite using the app most days.

So, in this new version of CameraGPS, I have made a number of speculative changes that should either improve reliability on their own or at least give better information about how to track down any problems if they do occur.

An incomplete list of changes looks like this:

  • Turn off trail “pausing.” Your iPhone typically turns off recording when you stop moving for a period of time. It seems to be unreliable resuming again when you start moving. This may reduce battery life but should stop CameraGPS “randomly” stopping recording.
  • Better save state when CameraGPS goes into the background. This means that in low memory situations it should more reliably re-launch.
  • Correctly show in the UI when “Significant update tracking” is not available on the current device
  • Automatically add a log file when emailing support
  • New feature: split trail. When you are recording, there is now a “scissors” icon that allows you to create a new segment in your trail. (Previously you could achieve the same effect by stopping and starting recording.)
  • Rename trails in the iPad version

I hope these changes have the desired effect. If not, please contact me using the Support button in the About screen of the app. I can’t fix bugs that I don’t know about!


3 replies on “CameraGPS 1.1.1”

I also though it might be that you’re located far far away as in another country, but apparently only about 400 miles if you live in the Bay Area which would be inferred from your blog.. I’m on AT&T, is that a variable?

Waiting for update to work it’s way through the system.

I’m in the UK (the Wandle is a river in London) though I visit the Bay Area fairly frequently. Still, this shouldn’t be a factor.

Cell reception and the type of handset could be a factor. The iPhone uses A-GPS, which uses cell reception to get a broad location before using GPS to home in on a more accurate one, so if you were using CameraGPS in a remote area it might make a difference. Newer iPhones tend to have better GPS chips in them.

I think the first two items (pausing and quitting due to low memory) are the most likely culprits.

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