Yummy 3.3.0

A new version of Yummy is winging its way to the App Store. Here’s what to expect.

Arriving just in time for the iPhone X, here is Yummy 3.3.0. Simply, this is the culmination of lots and lots of small updates, the most visible of which are related to changes in iOS 11 and for the iPhone X.

iOS 11 Search Bar

A simple example: in iOS 10 (and earlier), when you searched for a bookmark, the search box moved up to the top of the screen. The “correct” behaviour in iOS 11 is that the search box is part of the navigation bar. Not a huge difference but one that required a surprising amount of work.

“The Notch” in the new iPhone X means that the way that Yummy displayed its status (in the Status Bar) no longer worked so that needed replacing. I also changed the “bookmark on the clipboard” functionality, making it ask first rather than just present an add bookmark screen.

As always with a new OS release, a few things broke and had to be fixed (3D touch being the main one), but I also spent a lot of time refactoring code and fixing bugs. There is now only one remaining known crasher, which is still one too many, of course.

There are two “buts” that I want to mention. First, given that iOS 11 is now on over 50% of devices I felt this was a good time to drop iOS 9 support. Secondly, I’ve not been able to squish a bug where there’s a visual glitch on the iPad’s bookmark view. Bouncing back to the menu screen is enough to get rid of it but — obviously — I want to do better!

Anyway, lots of under-the-covers updates and updates for iOS 11. That’s Yummy 3.3.0. Hope you like it. It should be available on the App Store in the coming days.