I don’t often draw attention to specific reviews either in iTunes or elsewhere on the Internet but recently I found a couple that are interesting for different reasons that I thought might be interesting to post. First, from Fumi2008 in the UK App Store: “Been a long time user of this. Many other clients seemed […]

Bookmark Sync and Yummy

After a hard couple of days it was nice to stumble across this discussion of synchronising bookmarks between computers, which includes a discussion of Yummy: “Instead, I chose Yummy. There are free and pro versions of Yummy, but even the free version (called Yummy Browser) has more features and a better user interface than most paid alternatives. […]

Another review

Congratulations to the guys at Apps Addicts for launching their new iPhone application site. A review of Yummy was some of the content available. It’s mainly positive but I’m not sure they entirely got the point of! It seems to be ideally designed for bookmark pack rats: those who bookmark a ton of links […]

App Store Reviews — Help!

Reviews are an important part of the iPhone App Store. Since there is no way to download trial versions of software (other than with ‘lite’ versions), reviews are the only way to see what other people think without Googling or asking knowledgeable friends. What they are not, however, is a good way to complain about […]

Review from AppVee

AppVee today published a nice review of Yummy. I confess that I’ve been on tenterhooks all weekend since Bryan Barletta let me know that the review was forthcoming! It’s worth clicking through to the full post, but if you’re inpatient you’ll want to know that Yummy gets four stars and the following conclusion: If you’re […]