Introducing CameraGPS

London, United Kingdom – Wandle Software Limited is pleased to announce the immediate availability of its latest app for iPhone: CameraGPS, a GPS logger for people who want to geotag their photographs.

CameraGPS - MapDesigned exclusively for iOS 7, it has an interface focused on the only two things that matter in a GPS logger to photographers: recording a trail and exporting it to applications that can make use of them, such as Adobe Lightroom and Apple Aperture.

Unlike many other apps there’s no need to sign up for third party fitness websites or enter superfluous information. Just enter the trail name and tap “Start” to begin recording a trail.

CameraGPS runs in the background and has some simple presets so you can get the compromise between battery life and accuracy that works for you.

Once your trail is recorded you can make minor edits — CameraGPS helps you identify any suspect points — and save straight to Dropbox in the industry-standard GPX format. No need to email it to yourself, though you can if you like.

By avoiding clutter and complexity, CameraGPS keeps out of your way and allows you to focus on your photography.

It is available immediately on the App Store for $1.99, £1.49, €1.79 or your local equivalent. You’ll need a device that supports iOS 7 and has a GPS chip (iPhone 4S and above).

This follows the recent relaunch of Rootn Tootn, the baby feed timer and diary app without all the pastel blues and pinks, as a free app with an in-app purchase.