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iPhone 3.0 Release Day

Many readers will already know that the new version of the iPhone operating system, 3.0, is scheduled to hit the wires later today.

I’ve been using Yummy with the new iPhone OS for a while now. The last release of Yummy and Yummy Browser both included minor fixes to make them compatible with the new OS. I am not aware of any issues though, as ever, if you find anything please do let me know (you should find a support link to the right of this page and there are two buttons on the About screen). Neither version makes any special use of the new features of 3.0 but things like cut-and-paste work just fine.

In related news, I am still working on the next version of Yummy. It will be more 3.0-ish (in that it supports landscape mode) but will continue to work on handsets running iPhone OS 2.x. It is likely that subsequent versions will require OS 3.0 or higher.