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Yummy 2.3 and Yummy Browser 2.3 Are Go!

I just got the email that iPhone developers love to see: “Your application is now Ready for Sale”

So it’s probably not there in iTunes as I type this but version 2.3 of Yummy should be available in the next few hours. As a recap, key features in this version are:

  • Add tags to a new bookmark by selecting from a list of existing tags
  • ReadItLater support. Now you can push your bookmarks to ReadItLater in exactly the same way that it currently works with Instapaper
  • Send bookmarks to Twitter using SimplyTweet
  • Shorten bookmarks using, or as well as
  • More precisely remember the screen that was visible when restarting
  • If you enter the URL, you can ask Yummy to go to the website and get the title. This is useful when you add a bookmark from Safari (by manually typing ‘yummy:’ in front of the URL) or from Twitterrific (where you can’t see the title)
  • Changes to the way the initial download of bookmarks is handled to help avoid the dreaded Error 999

If you’re keeping track, at the time of writing, these are numbers 1, 2 and 4 in the list of user feedback on UserVoice and SimplyTweet support came from a user my email.

Of course there are the usual bug fixes and refinements (you now get a “Progress” screen when posting to Instapaper rather than just locking up the UI).

At the same time, they also approved version 2.3 of Yummy Browser.

In this version you get the scrolling bookmark names that was originally introduced in Yummy 2.2. This version also includes adverts on the home screen. This is an experiment. If it works, you might see functionality working its way down from the full version of Yummy more quickly.