Yummy 2.3 Fallout

I thought that is was worth mentioning a couple of small things about the recent 2.3 release of Yummy.

The eagle-eyed will notice that it has support for the tr.im URL shortening service. Since I submitted the binary to Apple it has been shut down and subsequently resurected. On hearing the announcement I quickly scrambled together a new release that removed tr.im support and added tinyurl.com as an option. Given their change of heart I’m glad I didn’t submit a new binary.

And then on Tuesday evening I found a bug: if you enable the Twitter client option but disable the “Shorten URL” feature you might find that it doesn’t work as expected. Tweetie, for example, opens but you don’t get a new tweet to edit.

This is because Yummy “encodes” the URL before sending it and some Twitter clients don’t know how to interpret it. The work-around is to enable one of the “Shorten URL” options. (If you’re using Tweetie you’ll want to use bit.ly as it tries to shorten any URL it comes across… and you don’t want a URL shortened with is.gd shortened again with bit.ly!)

Apologies that this slipped through my testing. I’ll submit a point release that fixes this shortly.

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