Yummy 3.0.2

Yummy 3.0.2 brings back “add URL from clipboard” functionality amongst other things. Find out more here.

The TL;DR version is: one new feature, lots of bug fixes, available soon.

Yummy 3.0.2 is currently with Apple for review and should be available to download in the next week or so. There were two legs to this relatively minor release.

Firstly it crosses off the few remaining crashing bugs and hangs. At the time of writing, only two users have been affected by crashing bugs in 3.0.1 according to my crash reporter, but that’s still too many. The hangs are harder to quantify but we think they’ll all gone in this version. As always, please let us know if you find otherwise.

Secondly, adding back features that were in 2.x but didn’t make it into 3.0. This time it’s the turn of “add bookmark from the clipboard.” If you tap the add button and the URL field would otherwise be blank, Yummy 3.0.2 inserts any URL on the clipboard for you.

Alternatively, you can have Yummy automatically show the add bookmark dialog on launch. You can enable this in the settings.

Apple have been approving updates in about a week, so it should be available to download soon.  We hope you like it.