Rootn Tootn 1.1.1

Rootn Tootn History screen (v 1.1.1)
Rootn Tootn History screen (v 1.1.1)

I hadn’t intended to make this release. I made these changes back in December and planned to include them in the next major update (version 1.2) but the scope of that has increased somewhat and it’s taking longer to put together than I’d hoped. So, here are two nice, small improvements.

  • Edit a timer event, moving it before a previous timer
  • Date headings in the History view

The first is a fix for what, in hindsight, was a mistake in the original versions. I wanted to avoid the situation where you could have overlapping events. It seemed unlikely that anyone would want to do that. To keep the interface clean I made it so that you couldn’t update an event to clash with the next or previous one. Unfortunately this meant that if you missed a feed it became very difficult to add it back.

The solution? Simply relax the checks. 

The second change is to split the History view into dates. This breaks up the events so you can see what happened and when that little bit easier.

So, two small changes. But both, I think, make Rootn Tootn that little bit better.

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Delicious Twitter Import

I’ve mentioned this a couple of times in passing now, but I’m not sure if I’ve really made clear how cool this little feature is.

Delicious has recently added a neat new feature where you can import all the bookmarks that you Tweet. That’s great. What’s not so great is that when using the API — the thing that Yummy uses to get your bookmarks — the titles are all missing. It looks like this:

I’ve checked two of Yummy’s competitors, and they do exactly the same thing.

But in Yummy (version 2.6.6 and later), the same bookmarks look like this:

I hesitate to shout too loudly because it’s covering up a defect in someone else’s code but it’s just so useful that I couldn’t help myself this one time.