Rootn Tootn 1.0.1

I have just submitted the first maintenance release for Rootn Tootn since its arrival on the App Store in June. This is a very minor update, mainly designed so that it works optimally on the new iPhone and the latest iPod touches.

Rootn Tootn home screen on the iPhone 5

As you can see, Rootn Tootn 1.0.1 will use the full screen of these new devices, allowing you to either add more reminders that you can see on one screen or see more of your pictures.

If you upgrade to an iPhone 5, you’ll probably find that your old picture isn’t quite big enough and you’ll get a dark grey bar at the bottom of each screen. If you just select the picture again it will re-size it correctly for your new device.

In addition to support for the new devices, I have also added a couple of minor bug fixes and one small feature. I very much doubt you’ll notice the fixes — a far as I know, no serious defects made it into the released version — but the feature is nice. In version one, you had to press the small, green plus sign to add a new reminder. In 1.0.1 you can press anywhere in the “Add new reminder” button.

Hopefully it will make it into the App Store before the iPhone 5 hits the shelves or at least very shortly afterwards. Fingers crossed.

Update: It made it onto the App Store on the 20th September.


www.cut 3.1.1

A minor new release of www.cut is with Apple for review and should be in the App Store shortly.

If you recall, version 3.1 added the ability to find the title of a link before you post it to Twitter or Facebook. Version 3.1.1 refines that ability, trimming excess spaces and converting weird HTML characters into something that’s readable by humans.

Apple say that they’re review 94% of app updates in five business days so hopefully you’ll have it before the end of the week.


Yummy 2.7.0

I have just sent an update to Apple for review. It’s not one of the bigger releases ever but there’s some nice new stuff that I thought was well worth releasing:

  • Built in web browser
  • Use iOS native Twitter functionality when present and configured
  • Improved “Get title” reliability and correctness
  • Refer to “Pocket” rather than “Read It Later”
  • Restore iOS 3.1.3 support

The main new feature is the web browser. It’s limited in some respects but for people who are frustrated that it’s not possible to put a “Add to Delicious” button directly in Safari (if you want this functionality, please ask Apple) it may be a convenient option.


You can find the option in the middle of the main menu screen.

The Twitter functionality is not so much new functionality as a change. Yummy will use iOS5’s built-in Twitter client rather than its own if it’s present and configured. The advantage is that you can now post to multiple Twitter accounts and you only have to configure your Twitter settings once. If you’re still using an older version of iOS you won’t notice anything different.

Finally, I have restored the ability to run Yummy on iOS 3.1.3 which was accidentally removed in the last version. This is just a temporary reprieve, though. Apple’s most recent developer tools no longer support anything older than iOS 4.3 which means that soon I will have no choice but to set that as the minimum version supported by Yummy.

Still, this is a great new release to run on your five year old phone!