Yummy 2.2

I have just uploaded Yummy version 2.2 to Apple for review so, hopefully, you’ll get the chance to download it in the next few days. A lot has gone into this, but a few highlights are as follows: Instapaper integration New bookmark list view, with a preview of the URL and a lock icon to […]

Blank tags

This story goes back to January when Yummy version 2.0 made it onto the App Store. This was a major release with a significant amount of work both under the hood and in new features. Unfortunately two problems made it past my testing. The first was that with over about fifteen hundred tags, the tag […]

Yummy on iPhone OS 3.0

I have just been watching the video announcement of the new iPhone operating system and considering how it will impact Yummy. What follows are my first impressions of the announcements. I am deliberately writing this before I’ve seen the SDK so I can be sure that I am not violating the NDA, but that does […]

Spot the Difference

One question that I realised that I have not answered very clearly yet is, What’s the difference between Yummy and Yummy Browser? That’s what I hope to answer here. Perhaps obvious, but worth repeating anyway, is that Yummy Browser is the “lite” version of Yummy. The practical upshot being that every feature in Yummy Browser […]

Editing Tags

One of the constant battles you come across when developing an iPhone application is that between limited screen space and the desire to make new features obvious and easy to find. The ability to edit tags is clearly an area where I saved screen real-estate at the expense of making it discoverable. I refer here […]