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Deleting bookmarks in Yummy

I don’t know about you but I often delicious web pages that I want to read later and have no intention of keeping. This is just one of the reasons you might want to delete a bookmark from your iPhone. Luckily Yummy can help you.

Starting from the list view — either by date or tag — press the “Edit” button in the top right of the screen. All your bookmarks will immediately show red and white “delete” icons.

Press the delete icon and you’ll be asked to confirm your action. Press “Delete” and the bookmark will be gone. If you’re not connected to the internet, the bookmark will immediately disappear from Yummy and will actually be removed next time you’re online.

When you have finished removing bookmarks, press the “Done” button in the top, right of the screen.

howto tutorial

Editing Bookmarks in Yummy

By now you will have downloaded your bookmarks, browsed and searched for something particular and drilled down to see more details about it. Today we’ll learn what you can do if you spot something that you’d like to change.

The first step is to find your bookmark. Then press the edit button in the top, right hand side of the screen:

If you want to change the notes, just press that part of the screen and a text box and keyboard will appear.

Press “Save” to confirm the change. Note that at this point you have not committed the change back to; you can still change your mind.

When you are sure, press the “Done” button. Yummy sends your change back to delicious (or remembers it for the next time you’re connected to the internet).

howto tutorial

Adding Bookmarks in Yummy

[Update September 2015: since Yummy 3 launched, there is no need to use the URL scheme as described below. Please use the new Share Extension.]

[Update September 2008: see here for a way to add the bookmarklet to MobilSafari without syncing with your PC.]

At the risk of sounding like the Spanish Inquisition, there are two ways to add new bookmarks using Yummy. No, there are three ways to add new bookmarks. Okay, let’s compromise on two-and-a-half.

You can figure out the first option yourself.

There’s a nice ‘+’ icon to the bottom right of the list view screen. Pressing this opens a blank “Add Post” screen. You can edit the Title, URL, Notes, Private, Date and Tags fields here. Press “Done” in the top right of the screen when you’re finished.

The second option is probably more useful. Say you’re in Safari and find a site that you want to record in Delicious. Go to the title bar — the bit that says “” — move the cursor to the beginning of the line and type “yummy:”. Like this:

And press “Go.”

You’re now back in Yummy with the URL field pre-populated. Much easier than remembering it and more environmentally sound than having to write it on a piece of paper.

But there’s an even easier way. You’re going to have to be on your PC or Mac to set it up, though.

Add the following link as a bookmark in Safari or Internet Explorer: Add Link To Yummy. I find the easiest way of doing that in Safari is just dragging it from the web page up to the bookmark bar. In IE try right-clicking on the link and selecting “Add to Favourites…”

Now sync your bookmarks with you iPhone or iPod touch.

Now when you find a bookmark that you’d like to remember, all you need do is select this bookmark:

And you’ll find yourself in Yummy with both the URL and the title populated.

I’ll be back next week with some more features.

howto tutorial

Viewing bookmarks in Yummy

Yesterday we linked Yummy to your account and downloaded your bookmarks. Today we’ll look at what you can do next.

When you first start Yummy, the opening screen looks something like this:

If you have added more bookmarks since you last opened Yummy they will appear shortly. How soon will depend on how fast your connection to the Internet is.

You can flick up and down the list much as you do in any other iPhone application. Selecting a link drills down to the details.

If there’s an old bookmark that you want to find, the easiest way to find it is to search for a tag that you might have used to categorise it. Press the magnifying glass icon and select “By Tags.”

Enter the tag or tags that you’re looking for and press “Search.” If you enter more than one it will only list bookmarks that have all the tags you specify. You can switch back to the date view by pressing “Search” again and selecting “By Date.”

Come back tomorrow to learn more about adding links.

howto tutorial

Getting Started with Yummy

So you’ve just downloaded Yummy from the App Store (thank you), what next?

Perhaps slightly counter-intuitively, your first step should be to look in the “Settings” screen.

Enter your username and password. You might also want to think whether newly added posts should default to be public or private.

And return to the home screen.

When you start Yummy for the first time it will download all your bookmarks. If you have a lot of links you might prefer to use a WiFi connection though it should work just fine on EDGE or 3G.

When complete it will display your bookmarks in reverse chronological order.

Come back tomorrow to see how you can view your links.