Quick Calendar (for iPhone and iPad)

Quick Calendar (iOS)

Following the success of Quick Calendar for Mac, I am happy to announce the imminent availability of Quick Calendar for iPhone and iPad. (Okay, the fact that I wanted it also factored into the decision to make it!)

Without wishing to undersell it, it’s basically the same as the Mac version. It shows the current month — or slightly less in the default “small” mode — in the Notification Center. It’s free but you can donate in the main app. There’s no obligation, but if you think it’s useful I’d appreciate the support. It helps keep it maintained on new versions of iOS and potentially funds new projects.

I use it all the time. I hope you find it useful, too.

Update (5 September): now available on the App Store!


Yummy 2.7.10

I don’t think we’ve ever got as far as double-digits in patch version numbers — so that makes this new version of Yummy special!

Other than the number it’s a pretty minor update. There are two visible changes:

  • When you ask for tag suggestions, if there are none you now no longer get an error message
  • The Open Source library that I was using for the tabs in the edit bookmark screen was proving to be a little crashy, so I have removed in and am now using a standard Apple component in its place

In addition there is the usual collection of minor tweaks and fixes. Hopefully I’ll have more news about version 3.0 soon, once it’s feature complete.



If you read any of the Apple blogs, you may have seen this TUAW piece or one of the many others on the same theme:

Apple is slowly deprecating frameworks that iPhone 3G-compatible apps require from Xcode and app libraries, and the upcoming version of Xcode (4.5, currently in development) specifically states that it does not support armv6 devices or anything below iOS 4.3.

This deprecation also affects Yummy. Yummy is currently supported on every iOS device ever made, going right back to the original iPhone. (I know this because I still have one and usually conduct final release testing on it.) But that will change as soon as iOS 6 comes out. At this point I will be unable to continue to provide updates for these old versions.

To be clear: the app won’t just stop working but I won’t be able to add new features and I won’t be able to provide any bug fixes. I’m sorry if this affects you, but if you’d bought Yummy in 2008 when it first launched, you’ll have had 25 free updates and it’ll still work on any new devices you buy…