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Why the “experimental” label for support in Yummy 2.5?

You might have noticed that the new version of Yummy has support for the bookmarking website for introverts, but that I’ve flagged the feature as “experimental.” why would I add a new feature and yet suggest that you might not want to use it? That’s what I hope to explain in this post.  Implementing support for was […]

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Yummy 2.5 adds support for the social bookmarking site for introverts, It is, however, disabled by default, so today I want to talk about how to enable it. The first step is — obviously — to enable it. You can open the Settings app or use the settings option from Yummy’s main screen. Either way […]

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iPad Support in Yummy 2.5

This came out if nowhere to become the number one request from users of Yummy. At the time I was, in all honesty, sceptical. I thought the iPhone version would be okay running on the iPad and that the full website would be usable.  It didn’t take long using an iPad to realise that I […]

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Introducing: Yummy Browser 2.5

In all the excitement over the new release of Yummy we should not forget that it’s little brother, Yummy Browser, also got an update.  As before, Yummy Browser inherits all the core features of the full version of Yummy. That is: the improved log in process; the support for iOS4 and iPhone 4; the count […]

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Introducing: Yummy 2.5

I am pleased to announce that Yummy 2.5 is making its way to the App Store ready for download. It’s a free update for all existing users and the usual “tier 2” price for everyone else — that is, $1.99, £1.19, €1.59, ¥230 or your local equivalent.What’s new?Visually, you might notice the revised icon:And there’s […]

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Second Anniversary

Two years ago today, on 2nd September 2008, Yummy 1.0 first hit the App Store. A big thank you to everyone who has downloaded a copy. I was going to commemorate the occasion with version 2.5, unfortunately my laptop had other ideas. I made the final build and shut the lid while I ate dinner. […]

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