Wandle and iOS 8

Apple releases the new version of iOS, the software that runs on your iPhone and iPad, on Wednesday. I’ve been running it on my iPad for a couple of months and my iPhone since last month and I’ve generally been impressed. It doesn’t have the massive visual change that iOS 4 or 7 had but there’s lots of changes that will make using iOS that little bit better.

Having said that, a lot of the new changes are developer focused so we won’t see a lot of the benefits until after iOS 8 launches and other developers can share their hard work.

Talking of which, we have a lot of work to share. We already blogged about ShareEverywhere, our new app launching at the same time as iOS 8.

As far as I know, all our apps currently work without problem on iOS 8. Of course they don’t currently take advantage of the new hardware or new software features, but they should continue to work as before. (If not, please let us know.)

We will be updating all our apps for better functionality on iOS 8. www.cut is getting very close to being available. Version 3.3 will hopefully be out by the end of the month.

Rootn Tootn and CameraGPS are a little further out, but both will be getting updates to better cope with the bigger screens and some of the other iOS goodies. More information nearer the time.

Yummy will get its biggest update ever — version 3 — some time after that.

So, in summary, everything should work right out of the gate, we have a new app and all our other apps will get updates to work even better with iOS 8.


Using CameraGPS when offline

I’m going to create an FAQ for CameraGPS now that it’s becoming clearer what the most frequently asked questions are! The most frequent so far have all been around how it works when away from a good data connection. So here are few of the obvious questions. Please ask any more you have in the comments.

Can I record trails when I have no data connection?


Will I still be able to see the map when offline?


When you view a map on your iPhone, iOS remembers (caches) as much of the map as it can. So, if you look at a map and then switch on AirPlane mode, you will still be able to move around a little and zoom in.

The same thing happens when you start a trail in CameraGPS with a strong data signal and then spend the rest of the day away from the cell network. Parts of your trail that were visible when you started the trail will probably be visible even when offline. New parts will not. Also, you won’t be able to switch views and expect to see it update. Your best bet at getting the most data available offline is to use the normal map view. As you would imagine, using the satellite view takes up more space.

How big is this offline cache?

The area available varies depending on a lot of factors, few of which you or I can control. To give you some idea, I was able to cache a lot of the Bay Area (the City, Berkeley, the southern part of Marin) when I was there a couple of years ago.

Can I tell CameraGPS to remember bits of the map in advance so it will be available when I’m offline?

As far as I know there is no way for me to do this. The best I can offer is suggesting that you view the area you’re planning on visiting shortly before you lose your data signal.

Can I save to Dropbox or Box when offline?

No. You should get an error message saying so.

Is there anything else that won’t work?

It won’t be able to copy your data to iCloud — though it will upload the data when you later get a data connection.

And it won’t be able to correctly name any new segments of your GPX trail (you can see them in the “Options” screen). Again, it should fill in the gaps once you have a data connection.


Delicious API Update

Tomorrow Delicious are going to make some changes to their API. The API is how Yummy talks to Delicious’ servers so it’s pretty important! I don’t anticipate any problems, however I won’t see the changes until you do so I can’t be completely sure.

I will be keeping an eye on things and, as ever, please send me a support email if you see anything funny yourself.

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Delicious Twitter Import

I’ve mentioned this a couple of times in passing now, but I’m not sure if I’ve really made clear how cool this little feature is.

Delicious has recently added a neat new feature where you can import all the bookmarks that you Tweet. That’s great. What’s not┬áso great is that when using the API — the thing that Yummy uses to get your bookmarks — the titles are all missing. It looks like this:

I’ve checked two of Yummy’s competitors, and they do exactly the same thing.

But in Yummy (version 2.6.6 and later), the same bookmarks look like this:

I hesitate to shout too loudly because it’s covering up a defect in someone else’s code but it’s just so useful that I couldn’t help myself this one time.



I’ve had a few queries about this, both by email and UserVoice. I’ve responded on Twitter already but I just realised that I’ve not said anything here.

For those that are not familiar with them, recently Delicious added a new feature where you can bundle a bunch of links together in a Stack. This, I suppose, has a similar use-case to Tag Bundles but rather than grouping bookmarks automatically using tags, you manually add them to a Stack.

It seems that they are a popular new feature.

Unfortunately, and the reason that they’re not in Yummy, is that they have not yet provided developer support for Stacks. There is no way that Yummy, or indeed any third party client, can request the information from Delicious.

If you would like to see Stacks in Yummy, I would suggest that you ask Delicious to allow API access to Stacks. While I can’t say how long it would take to implement and release, I can say that it’s a feature that I would like to see in Yummy myself.


Tweet a Link, Save a Link

You may have seen the new feature by Delicious that allows you to save all the links that you tweet. Neat idea, right?

Slightly flawed implementation, unfortunately. For the moment, if you’re a heavy Yummy user, you may be as well not enabling this option.

The problem is that while all the links get saved they don’t include their title; the tweet is included in the notes field, but the title is empty. (When do the same thing, they put the website name as the title and the tweet as the notes.) To be more specific, you can see the title on the website but they are not present in the API, which is how Yummy accesses all your bookmarks.

This does not cause any technical problems. Your bookmarks sync correctly. It just makes it a bit tricky to find them again since the don’t have a title.

I am looking a ways to improve the situation in Yummy — it already includes the ability to fetch a bookmarks title but it only works one link at a time — but hopefully the new team at Delicious might fix things first. Watch this space.

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Yummy 2.6.5

I submitted a new version of Yummy to Apple late last week. Hopefully it will be approved by Apple soon. There are just two bug fixes in this release, but they seemed important enough to warrant an update.

  • Allows use of non-English keyboards (iOS5)
  • Fix for occasional problem when adding/editing bookmarks using

Neither of these bugs affect Yummy Browser so that will remain on version 2.6.4.

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Yummy 2.6.4

A couple of days ago I submitted a minor update to Yummy (and Yummy Browser) to Apple and they are both now live in the App Store. It’s still “Waiting for review” so I don’t know when it will be available, but hopefully it will be soon.

There are a few, minor internal changes but the following were either reported directly by users, ones I’ve seen crash reports for or things you might notice:

  • Fix crash on launch screen
  • Fix crash in Settings screen (iOS5)
  • Fix so that main menu works even when you press detail button
  • Change so that it’s possible to edit the URL in a bookmark
  • Change so that adding a pre-existing URL displays the bookmark
  • Changes to clipboard URL detection
  • Improvements to copy from clipboard at startup
  • Spot duplicate bookmarks before saving (as well as when using URL scheme)
  • Convert spaces to commas when saving tags to Delicious

The last one is pretty important if you use Delicious. It means that you should continue to use spaces to delimit your tags, even though the website now uses commas. As I noted a couple of weeks ago, there are problems with using spaces in your tags. I’d recommend not using spaces until Delicious have fixed their API.


Tags, Spaces and Commas

Update: It took some time, but Delicious finally updated their API to support commas as a tag delimiter. You can read more about the update here.

In the olden days, say a month or so ago, things were much simpler. In both Delicious and, you listed your tags separated by spaces. This worked both on the websites and in all third party apps.

But in late October that changed. (I don’t know the exact date, since I can’t find a blog announcing it.) Delicious decided to switch over to using commas to separate tags. The problem with using spaces to separate tags, they say, is that the tags themselves, for obvious reasons, cannot contain spaces.

However, the problem with using commas is that Delicious have not completely updated their systems to make it work with third party clients.

Let me explain.

When Yummy, or indeed any third party client, sends a list of tags to Delicious, it is expected to send a comma separated list.

When Yummy receives bookmarks from Delicious, they arrive delimited by spaces.

For example, if you enter “tag1,tag 2,tag3” on the Delicious web site, it will send that back to Yummy as “tag1 tag 2 tag3” which it has no way of interpreting as anything other than four distinct tags.

So, what should you do?

With the current version of Yummy (2.6.3), you should add and edit tags delimited with commas. I would recommend not using spaces.

I will be submitting a new version (2.6.4) in the next few days. In this, you should enter tags separated by spaces. Yummy will convert them to commas behind the scenes. But, even then, you should probably not use spaces in your tags until Delicious fix things at their end.

I would concede that this is not great. This is not the first time that Delicious has broken their API and I’m getting pretty sick of it to be honest! If you’d like to help, you can add your voice to the bug report that I raised on the Delicious support site.

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If you’re using Delicious and you’re seeing a lot of 502 errors… you’re not alone.

The good news is that they’re mostly benign. Just press refresh and it usually works just fine.

Since I never saw these errors before AVOS took over and because I see them on the website itself, I am pretty confident that it is not a problem in Yummy. If I find a way to avoid exposing these errors to you I will, of course, provide an update.