This isn’t directly Yummy related but I thought you might be interested. I have just launched a new, free iPhone application, called www.cut. It uses a bunch of code that’s already in Yummy but also has a number of its own tricks. Find the description below and its web page is here. This isn’t one […]

Yummy 1.0 Anniversary

The founder of LinkedIn said “if you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.” I’ve been involved with the launch of a number of products over the last fourteen years and I agree wholeheartedly. It was as true the first time I was involved in an internal business […]

Beta 2 Anniversary

In fact this post is slightly delayed. It was a year ago yesterday that the second beta of Yummy 1.0 went out to its intended audience. However yesterday was a Sunday and most people don’t read blogs, Twitter or FaceBook on a Sunday. So as is now becoming traditional, I am giving away some copies […]

Beta 1 Anniversary

A year ago today the first beta of Yummy hit the streets. Well, when I say “street” I mean a few selected iPhone users. With the vast quantity of tutorial material currently available on the internet it’s difficult to remember that at this point last year everything iPhone SDK related was still covered by the […]

17+ Rating

One thing that you might notice about the new version of Yummy, along with the enhancements it will also come with something that is worse than the previous version. Yes, you read that right. Of course, this isn’t by my choosing. Any app with web preview is now required by Apple to have a 17+ […]

Yummy 2.3 Fallout

I thought that is was worth mentioning a couple of small things about the recent 2.3 release of Yummy. The eagle-eyed will notice that it has support for the tr.im URL shortening service. Since I submitted the binary to Apple it has been shut down and subsequently resurected. On hearing the announcement I quickly scrambled […]