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Yummy and iPhone 2.2.1

You may be aware that Apple just released a new version of the iPhone OS. It is only a small update and so I do not anticipate any problems when using Yummy with it, but you never know. I’ll be testing myself as soon as I can. Please let me know if you see anything untoward.

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All the information that holds about your bookmarks are available in Yummy, whether you are on- or off-line.

Of course there’s no point in just looking at your bookmarks! You want to do something with them. The first option is hinted at by the arrow to the right of the URL. This opens the web preview. I’ll be talking about that a little more tomorrow.

There are further options that you can find by pressing the “Action” button in the bottom right of the screen:

The two options that are always available are open the link in Safari and send it to Mail. You can also configure Yummy to send the bookmark (optionally shortened using to Twitter. More about that in a couple of days.

You can also edit any bookmark by pressing the “Edit” button in the top right of the screen. Unlike in Yummy version one, all editing, with the exception of the date field, is performed directly in this screen without flipping to an edit only screen.

An “add bookmark” screen looks very similar (see above) but the operation is exactly the same. You can add new bookmarks by pressing the “add” button that you’ll find in most Yummy screens. As with version one, the bookmarklet is also available when you’re in Safari. The instructions for adding it are exactly the same as before.

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Review from AppVee

AppVee today published a nice review of Yummy. I confess that I’ve been on tenterhooks all weekend since Bryan Barletta let me know that the review was forthcoming!

It’s worth clicking through to the full post, but if you’re inpatient you’ll want to know that Yummy gets four stars and the following conclusion:

If you’re looking for a way to get your bookmarks all in one place, this is definitely an app you should check out.

And the neat YouTube clip make me wish that I had a video camera! I thought my little screen capture was pretty good, but it’s better to see it running on a real iPhone.

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Searching for Bookmarks

Searching has always been a big feature of Yummy and has been revamped and improved for version two.

For starters, the screen looks different:

Note how that here we have searched for bookmarks that have both the “iphone” and “development” tag. A similar trick applies when you search by title and notes fields: it searches for all words but not necessarily in any given order. For example searching for “hello world” would find both “Hello there, world” and “World says Hello.”

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View by Tag

Brand new in Yummy 2.0 is the ability to browse through your bookmarks by tag. You could already search for them but a number of users indicated that a screen like this would be very useful:

From here you can drill down to get a list of bookmarks.

One neat touch here (if I do say so myself) is that pressing “Add” button pre-populates the tags field with the current tag, so in this case the “Add bookmark” screen would have “iphone” in the tag field.

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View by Date

Users of Yummy version 1.0 will find this screen the most familiar as it was the default. Nevertheless you will find some changes here.

Rather than have a section heading for every date, the granularity changes as you head back in time. You get a heading for every day of the last week, one for the whole of the week before that, and then fewer and fewer headings as you head even further back in time. You can get to every one of your bookmarks this way but it’s probably easier to search if it’s an old one.

These other methods of finding your old bookmarks will be covered in the next couple of days.

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Menu Screen

There’s not a lot to say about the menu screen in the new version of Yummy.

From here you can select how you want to find your bookmarks. Using the toolbar at the bottom you can also force a refresh (useful mainly if you’ve disabled the automatic refresh on startup option) or add a new bookmark. We’ll cover all the various options in the next week or two.

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Great Indie Bake Off Voting Begins

Voting for the Great Indie Bake Off started last night over on There are some great prizes so it’s well worth heading over there to cast your vote!

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Launching Yummy for the First Time

In Yummy 1.0, one thing that caught a number of users out the first time they started Yummy was where to enter their username and password. The Apple convention of keeping settings in the Settings application seems not to have filtered into many iPhone and iPod touch users’ consciousness.

Version 2 makes this whole experience much easier. New users (and everyone upgrading) will see the following screen the first time they run it:

Once you enter your username and password, Yummy will check that they’re valid (so you need network connectivity when you do it) and immediately start to download all your bookmarks. This may take a while if you have a lot of bookmarks, and using WiFi rather than the cell network is not a bad idea. It’s best to wait until they’re all downloaded before exiting but nothing will break if you don’t. You can use Yummy while it’s downloading, so don’t feel that you have a sit and wait, staring at the status bar.

Talking of the “status bar,” the home screen and status bar will be the subject of the next post. Stay tuned.

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Yummy 2.0 Quick Overview

I’ll be going over some of the key features of Yummy in more detail over the coming weeks, but here’s a quick overview in pictures.

Splash screen:

Main menu:

Very similar to Yummy version 1.0, the view by date screen:

And the new view by tag:

Here’s what a bookmark looks like:

Which is kind of similar to what adding a new bookmark looks like:

And here’s a web preview:

Finally here’s a quick look at the settings screen: